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How Does It Work?

iDraught Flow Chart beer-temperature cellar-ambient-temperature-sensor line-cleaning line-throughtput pouring-yield till-yield cooler-temperature-clip red-circle yellow-circle green-circle
beer-temperatureBeer Temperature

Temperature of the beer is constantly monitored to ensure a high quality pint every pour.

cellar-ambient-temperature-sensorCellar Ambient Temperature Sensor

Ambient cellar temperature and performance of equipment is monitored, making sure both the flow and temperature of beer are within parameters.

line-cleaningLine Cleaning

Intelligent flow meters are installed on every line and can distinguish between beer, water, or line cleaning fluid, providing insight into when each line clean is done.

line-throughtputLine Throughtput

pouring-yieldPouring Yield

The meter records every fluid ounce that is dispensed, so you know if drinks are being over or under poured.

till-yieldTill Yield

Check that all drinks poured are put through the till, so you can make sure your stock takes and balance sheets are in sync.

cooler-temperature-clipCooler Temperature Clip

Monitors the temperature and functionality of your remote coolers.

action-requiredAction Required

The iDraught website allows you access to your data 24/7, anywhere in the world; giving you an instant and actionable assessment of key measures within your business.


The intuitive traffic light system shows you quickly which areas are working well and where there are problems.


We'll even send out email alerts when things aren't working how they should.